How to translate a page on chrome?

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If you're browsing the web in a language that you're not fluent in, you might come across a website that's in a foreign language. While Chrome let you use  Google Translate to translate pages instantly, it won't be the best tool to translate only some part or have a quick brief of the content. Hopefully, by using  Sum Up Now Chrome extension, you can translate any part of a webpage and also summarize it.

How does it work?

To get started, make sure you've installed the Sum Up Now extension from the Chrome Web Store . Once installed, navigate to the webpage you want to translate. Next, click on the plugin icon to display the player. You are all set up to listen to the summary in the selected language by clicking on the play button!

You can also pick the section of text you want to translate by clicking on the selection button (left) and highlighting it with your cursor.

2 options to translate your page

First: summarize and translate the whole page

Navigate to the page you want to translate, then open the extension and click on the play button . It will instantly generate a summary of this webpage into your language and read it out loud. You can also click on the "text" button (right) to display the summary.
Here's a screenshot of how it looks like:
how to tanslate a page

Second: summarize only part of a text

If you need more control of what you want to translate, you can select the text you want and generate a translation for this part only .
how to translate a text

Change languages

To select your language, open the player and click on the settings icons. Many languages are available and more will be added in the near future.

Start now to learn more

Using Sum Up Now to translate a webpage can be especially helpful for learning a new language or studying foreign websites. With its advanced AI technology, Sum Up Now provides accurate translations in seconds, helping you to better understand the content of any webpage. So if you're looking to translate a webpage in Chrome, look no further. With its powerful translation capabilities, Sum Up Now makes it easy to understand and enjoy content from around the world. TRY NOW